IHK(G) High Temperature Slurry Chemical Pump

IHK(G) High Temperature Slurry Chemical Pump

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IHK(G) High Temperature Slurry Chemical Pump

Capacity: 3.4~460 m3/h

Head: 3.6~132 m

Size: 25~250 mm

Speed: 1450~2900 r/min

Material: SS201, SS304, SS316, SS316, Titanium Alloy




1) Applications:

a) Chemical industry

b) Fertilizer

c) Paper mill

d) Environment protect

e) Seawater desalt etc


2) Technical data:

a) Capacity: 3.4~460 m3/h

b) Head: 3.6~132 m

c) Medium temperature: IHK:-45 ~ 180oC

                    HKG: -60~ 250oC

                    THC: Less than 350oC

d) Operation pressure: 1.6Mpa



IHK  pump   is a singlecentrifugal pump,it is an energy saving updated product,this product complies with international standards of  ISO2858 and ISO5199/DIN

It's an radial split and back pull out structure,so there is no need of dismantling of the pipeline when check and repair.

Shaft seal adopts stuffing seal,mechanical seal, vice-impeller seal,(dynamic seal)

Material:stainless steel 304/316/316L/904,  stable performance,  parts of high standard, high efficiency  and energy saving, wide application


Instruction of pump type

For example: IHK50-32-160A

International Standard Chemical centrifugal pump

Inlet diameter is 50mm

Outlet diameter is 32mm

Nominal impeller diameter is 160mm

Impeller first cut

K means open impeller transmit medium with particles.


Rotation direction

 The rotating of the pump rotor is clockwise looking from the motor to the pump.




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