KIH Single Stage Chemical Process Pump

KIH Single Stage Chemical Process Pump

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KIH Single Stage Chemical Process Pump

Capacity: 3.4~460 m3/h

Head: 3.6~132 m

Size: 25~250 mm

Speed: 1450~2900 r/min

Material: SS201, SS304, SS316, SS316



1) Applications:

a) Chemical industry

b) Fertilizer

c) Paper mill

d) Environment protect

e) Seawater desalt etc


2) Technical data:

a) Capacity: 3.4~460 m3/h

b) Head: 3.6~132 m

c) Medium temperature: -20 ~ 180oC

d) Operation pressure: 1.6MPa



KIH  pump   is a singlecentrifugal pump,it is an energy saving updated product,this product complies with standards of GB-5662-85, ISO2858 and GB/T5656-94.


It's an radial split and back pull out structure,so there is no need of dismantling of the pipeline when check and repair.


Shaft seal adopts stuffing seal,mechanical seal, vice-impeller seal,(dynamic seal)


Material:stainless steel 304/316/316L/904,  stable performance,  parts of high standard, high efficiency  and energy saving, wide application


Instruction of pump type

For example: IH50-32-160A

International Standard Chemical centrifugal pump

Inlet diameter is 50mm

Outlet diameter is 32mm

Nominal impeller diameter is 160mm

Impeller first cut


Rotation direction

 The rotating of the pump rotor is clockwise looking from the motor to the pump.




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