Service Commitment

Our customer service is divided into pre-sale, and sale of three parts.


Pre sales service

1, Our company can provide customers with the most perfect product introduction, selection of information.

2, professional personnel to provide design and consulting services, recommended the most suitable for the actual needs of customers.


Sale service 

1, We can provide users with comprehensive technical support with the user selection, and provide the most economical and reasonable program.

2, Free of charge to provide users with training, guidance, installation and maintenance methods to determine the best solution.

3, We guarantee that we will delivery in time according to the contract.


After-sale service 

1, We can provide free technical advice and  answer questions;

2, The warranty is one year; after the expiration of the warranty period, we will continue to provide life-long service, and to ensure the parts of long-term and timely supply.


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