IR Heat Pump


1. Summarize

The IR Series is single-stage, single suction, cantilever centrifugal pumps. It is designed according to the international standard ISO2858 and manufactured according to the international standardISO5199/DIS. It is the derive product based on IH chemical centrifugal pumps and the parts dimension has already achieved standard energy-saving, high efficiency products. It is mainly used in petrochemical industry, medicine, chemical fibre field, in which the liquor freezing point (crystal spot temperature) is high, has corrosion high temperature liquid.


2. Usage

This pump is suitable for the chemical medium that has freeze crystalline under normal temperature, the medium that the boil off spot need cooling and the high clod altiplano-zone. The temperature: -80~+250 (crystal spot temperature) is high. It can transport the high freezing point, corrosion liquid.


3. Characteristic

IR heat preservation pumps main flow part has hollow interlayer, and multi-cycle for transporting the steam, hot water, hot oil and soda pop. Heat preservation has a variety of ways with the heat preservation outside. The design pressure: 1.6Mpa, the medium temperature: T≤250, flux: 3.4460m3/h, outlet pressure: H=3.6132m, rotate speed: 1450-2900r/min.




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