The method of isolating the noise and vibration isolation of the isolation pump!

Time: 2018-07-28 09:30:56

Pump noise is transmitted through two main ways, that is, air noise is transmitted through air, and structural noise is propagated through the floor, walls and ceilings.

Although some measures have been taken to reduce the noise of the pump system, the value of the noise can not make people able to bear, that is, the noise of the pump system has a serious impact on the surrounding environment, so it is only focused on the prevention of the diffusion of noise.

After testing and environmental investigation, it is known that the noise of the pump system is transmitted through two main ways, that is, air noise is transmitted through air and structural noise is transmitted through floor walls and ceiling. Welding procedure qualification should be carried out before the repair welding procedure is repaired. As the equal steel plate and other pipes are basically carbon steel, the welding procedure qualification of these steel plates and steel pipes can be replaced by the technological evaluation of steel plates. The methods of suppressing these two kinds of noise are very different, so they should be dealt with separately.

First, structural noise should be controlled by means of isolation structure and vibration isolation, and the method of isolation air noise can be used to suppress air noise.

Two, water pump noise analysis and control methods. The noise generated by the pump can be roughly divided into two parts: mechanical noise and hydraulic noise. There are many types of pumps. In general, the hydraulic noise of the pump is much larger than the mechanical noise in centrifugal pumps. Therefore, the hydraulic noise of the centrifugal pump is analyzed.

The hydraulic noise source mainly has five aspects of the noise cavitation caused by the impeller blade, the noise caused by the uneven velocity distribution at the inlet of the impeller at the entrance of the impeller. The noise caused by the noise swirl caused by the noise vortex is clear, and the technical countermeasures for controlling the noise, such as the relationship between the control of the load and the noise level, are clear. The relationship between the rear edge of the blade and the gap between the tongue of the volute.



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