Precautions and troubleshooting of horizontal pipeline sewage pump!

Time: 2018-07-28 09:24:53

1) pump inlet and outlet pipes should be supported and not supported by pump body.

2) gate valves should be installed in the outlet pipe road.

A general trash rack should be installed at the inlet of the pump suction line to prevent larger stones and other objects from being sucked into the pump.

PW non-blocking horizontal sewage pump starts, stops and operates:

A, starting

1) check whether the oil in the bearing box has been refueling and whether the oil level is normal.

2) check whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the rotation direction of the pump.

3) close the outlet gate valve and the pressure gauge cock, and meanwhile, through the screw holes on the upper part of the pump body, pour water into the suction pipe of the pump.

4) start the motor and open the pressure gauge cock.

5) when the pump reaches normal speed and the pressure gauge displays the corresponding pressure, turn on the vacuum meter cock and gradually open the gate valve on the drain line until it is needed.

B, stop

1) first close the gate valve of the outlet pipe slowly, then cut off the power supply.

2) if in the freezing season, after the shutdown, open the four side plug of the lower part of the pump body and empty the water, so as not to freeze crack.

3) if it is not used for a long time, all parts should be opened and cleaned, and rust proof oil should be put on the sliding surface for proper preservation.

C, operation

1) during the operation of the pump, we must pay attention to the observation of the heating situation of the instrument and bearing, the leakage of the filling and the vibration of the pump, the noise of the pump and so on.

2) the high temperature of the bearing Zui should not exceed 75 degrees C.

3) bearing oil should be kept at the normal oil level, not too high or too low, too low and should be refueling in time.

4) the sealing clearance between the sealing ring and the impeller should be replaced with the new sealing ring when the specified value is greater than the following value.



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