Cause of difficulty in pumping water of pump motor!

Time: 2018-07-28 09:23:11

Pump motor can be very good to play the role of water diversion, but we are in use when there will be no water, so what is the cause of water withdrawal, the following small editor for you:

1. There is air in the inlet pipe and in the pump

1, some users do not fill up enough water before the pump motor is started; sometimes the water appears to be out of the gas Kong Yi, but the unturned pump shaft is completely discharged, causing a little air to remain in the inlet pipe or the pump body.

2, the horizontal section of the inlet pipe that is in contact with the motor is applied to the downward slope of the water flow over 0.5%, and the end of the connecting motor is Zui high, and it is not completely horizontal. If upward, the air in the intake pipe will be retained, and the vacuum degree in the water pipe and pump motor will be reduced, which will affect the water absorption.

3, because of the long use of the filler has been worn or stuffing is too loose, resulting in a large amount of water from the gap between the packing and the shaft sleeve of the pump shaft. The result is that the external air enters the motor from these gaps and affects the water extraction.

4. Because of the long potential water, the pipe wall corroded into holes, and the water surface of the water pump decreased continuously after the pump motor worked. When the holes were exposed, the air entered into the inlet pipe from the hole.

5. There is a crack at the elbow of the inlet pipe. There is a slight gap between the inlet pipe and the pump motor, which makes it possible for the air to enter the intake pipe.

Two. The motor speed of the pump is too low

1. Human factors. A considerable number of users are damaged by the original motor, and they are randomly assigned to another motor, resulting in the consequences of less flow, lower lift or even water withdrawal.

2. Wear of the belt. Many pumps and motors are equipped with tape transmission. Due to long-term use, the belt is loose and slippery, which reduces the speed of the motor.

3, improper installation. The center distance of the two pulleys is too small or the two axes are not too parallel, and the tight edge of the drive belt is installed to the top, which makes the angle too small, the calculation error of the diameter of the two pulleys and the large eccentricity of the two shaft of the pump motor of the coupling shaft, all of which will cause the change of the speed of the pump motor.

4, the mechanical failure of the pump motor itself. The impellers and the pump shaft fastening nuts are loosed or the pump shaft is deformed and bending, causing the impeller to move more, directly with the pump body friction, or the bearing damage, which may reduce the speed of the pump motor.

5. The maintenance of the power machine is not recorded. When the motor is burned out of the winding and demagnetization, the changes in the number of winding turns, the line diameter, the wiring method, or the failure to eliminate the failure in the maintenance will also change the speed of the pump motor.

Three. The sucking process is too big

Some water sources are deeper, and some water sources are flat on the periphery, ignoring the allowable suction range of the motor, resulting in less water absorption or no water absorption at all. It is necessary to know that there is a limit to the degree of vacuum that can be established at the water intake of the pump motor. The suction range of the absolute vacuum is about 10 meters high, and the motor cannot establish an absolute vacuum. Moreover, the vacuum is too large to make the water in the pump gasifying, which is unfavorable to the work of the pump motor. Therefore, each pump motor has its Zui large allowable suction range, usually between 3 and 8.5 meters. When installing a water pump motor, it must not be simple and convenient.



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