KWS type new vertical centrifugal pump

KWS type new vertical centrifugal pump

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KWS sery single-stage single-suction horizontal centrifugal pump is our company's latest new pipeline centrifugal pump series products. It is with standerd vertical enginee and mechanical sealing, and owns the advantages of in-kind pumps at home and abroad. This pump uses the hydraulic model of KCW sery products, pluging the enginee directly in the pumps shaft in the hole, and it has the advantages of modern and unique structure, compact and low noise, more efficiency and saving energy, sturdy and durable, easily maintainance. In some situations, the KLS sery pump can replace the end suction centrifugal pump. The KWS sery single-stage single-suction vertical centrifugal pump meets the state JB/T53028-93 standerd. Accoring to the different fluid medium, we designed a new KLH chemical pump with the same performance parameter to KWH, and also the KWY oil pump sery products.
(1). Generation improvement: the biggest improvement is the vertical standard motor, no extended shaft, and the shortest cantilever. The pressure of motor bearings is less than the other same kind pumps and therefore, it has a longer life. The shaft of old type pump is the stretch of motor shaft,  and it can not realize the separation between pump and motor. KWS new pipeline centrifugal pump can separate the pump and motor completely, and it has a better corollary equipment and more standerdized.
(2). Smooth operation: The absolute concentricity of pump shaft and the static and dynamic balance of the impeller, ensure that the pump can be stable operated, and no vibration.
(3). Absolutly no leakage: The different materials of mechanical seal ensures no leakage in the process of transmiting different medium.
(4). Low noise: The water pump supported by two low-noise bearings have a stable running, and basically no noise except slight sound of motor.
(5). Low failure rate: The pump owns simple and reasonable structure and adopts the international first-class quality equipment, then the trouble-free time for the pump has been greatly improved.
(6). Easy maintenance: Easier to replace the seal, pump shaft and bearings. For the old type pump, the motor shaft has to be replaced if the there is damage to pump shaft, but the the KLS pump will not come with this problem. Due to the disassembling and installment type, the pump can be repaired without influencing the pipeline, therefore, it reduces mainteniance cost and maintenance difficulty greatly.
(7). Less space requirment: Because of the morden design and compact structure, the KLS pump has a smaller dimensions than IS type and other pumps.
(8). Medium temperature: The pump and motor are fission connected and the working temperature is greatly ascend, from --20 ℃ to 120 ℃.
Design standerds and main material:
Design standerds: According to international ISO2858, JB/T6878.2-93, European BS EN733/DIN24255 standerds.
Structures: Vertical, Single-stage, Single-suction, Volute type, Pipeline type
Diameter for inlet and outlet: 25~350 (MM)
Flange standerd: PN16, optional: ANSI B16.5 Class 150LB
Pump: Cast Iron HT200, Stainless steel 304/316/316L
Impeller: Cast Iron HT200, Brass H65, Stainless steel 304/316/316L
Shaft: 45#steel, Stainless steel 2Cr13, Stainless steel 304/316/316L
Shaft sealing: Mechanical sealing
Technical parameter:
Max Capacity: 1200M3/H
Max Head: 125M
Rotate speed: 1450~2900R/M (50HZ), 1750~3500R/M (60HZ)
Temperature: -20 Celsius to 120 Celsius
Max working pressure: 1.6Mpa
The meaning for Model:
KWS---new horizontal centrifugal pump
KWH---new horizontal chemical pump
KWY---new horizontal oip pump
100---diameter of inlet (mm)
80---diameter for outlet (mm)
160---diameter for impeller in name (mm)
A---the first turning diameter;  B---the second turning diameter;  C---the third turning diameter
KWS horizontal centrifugal pump is widely used in cycle of cold, high building water supply, fire line pressurization, long-distance water, industrial production process circulation pressurization, garden sprinkler irrigation and irrigation; Conveying water or other liquid which has the similar chemical and physical properties with water.
KWH horizontal chemical pump is used to convey chemical corrosion liquid (not containing solid particles, or with little small particles) in the fields of chemical industry, food, brewing, oil refining, pharmacy, paper making, metallurgy, electric power, water treatment and environmental protection, textile and others. The viscosity of these liquids is similar with water.
KWY horizontal oil pumps is used to convey oil liquid.



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