AS Cutting Submersible Sewage Pump

AS Cutting Submersible Sewage Pump

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AS Cutting Submersible Sewage Pump

Main features:

AS SUBMERSIBLE SEWAGE PUMP has adopted the advanced technique from ABS Germany, especially suitable for transmission the liquids that contain solid and fiber matters, and dirty, stick slippery liquid. With the cutting device installed inside in advance, all AS pump can tear off the long fiber matters, such bags, belt, grass and cloth, and then discharge it with water. Therefore, it can run more smoothly and reliable in waste water, without being blocked.



1.With advanced technique, larger discharge capacity, Non-clogged, it can effectively discharge the solid grain with diameter of 30—80mm

2.The cutting device will tear off the long fiber matter to small ones and the pump will discharge it with water. There is no need for filter screen.

3.Perfect design, smaller power of fitted motors, more energy-saving

4.With new materials for mechanical seal, that enable the pump to run safely with more than 8000 hours.

5.With compact structure, movable design, easy to install, it can cut the cost greatly, without building pump house.

6.The motor can run smoothly in the complete flow range.

7.The float switch can automatically control the pump to start or turn off, in accordance with the water level. There is no need to assign a person to check the pump all the time.

8.Double-rail self-installation system enables people to install or maintain the pump, without entering the cesspool.

9,Equipped with Fully-Automatic Control cabinet which can protect the pump automatically in case of electric leakage, water leakage and overload etc, the pump set can run more reliable and safely.


Working Condition

Pumps are designed for pumping:

1.Waste water drainage in factories and industries.

2.Drainage system for municipal sewage plant

3.Waste water drainage in residential area.

4.Flood system drainage

5.Waste water drainage in hospitals and hotels

6.Municipal facilities and construction area

7.Exploration and mining equipments

8.Pump for biomass pool and agriculture irrigation.




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