QJ Deep Well Pump


Collecting and reusing boiler hot water.

Collecting and reusing the leaking water of heating pipelines in winter.

Factory hot water heat dissipation and reuse (the pump should be submerged into water when working).

Pumping high temperature water in the best-supply network groove.

Suitable for heat-supply equipment maintenance.

Suitable for bath center hot water supply.

Lifting underground hot spring water, etc.



It can pump hot water within 125°C

It can be horizontally used (while the service life will lessen 40% than that of vertical use).

Easy installation.

Air-free design, avoiding the trouble of pump priming.

The motor is lubricated by water. With hydrocooling and high temperature water-proof wire, it is pollution free to the environment.

No need to build pump room.

Stable operation and low noise.


Medium Range

Clean water, chilled/cold water, rainwater, underground gushing water of mining, drinking water, mineral water, etc.

Water temperature range: +5°C-+125°C

Solid content(mass ratio)0.01%

PH value: 6.5- 8.5

H2S content: 1.5mg/L

CL content: 400mg/L

The full set must be submerged into water absolutely.

Industrial high-temperature water (If pumping the corrosive liquid, please inform us in advance ) : high temperature boiler water and mineral water.


Motor parameter

The submersible motor is lubricated by clean water. It must be filled with clean water, or its service life will be lessen.

If you forget filling, the motor will be broken.

Motor protection level: IPX8.

Magnet wire is high-temperature water-proof.

The motor should be submerged into water and be operated in vertical from with a depth no more than 70mand the lower distance to the bottom of the pool is more than 0.3m.

The motor will operate continuously. If it is used in pool, the fair water is needed to cool the motor.

The motor must be filled with clean water.



150QJR series hot water submersible pump is suitable for lifting hot water for beat supply in winter. It is also used in bath center, factory heat supply system and hot water recycling projects. It is popular for its easy installation and investment saving.



Delivery casing: non corrosive medium, cast iron HT200; mildly corrosive medium, anticorrosive coating, chemical treatment; moderately corrosive , medium, stainless steel 304; strongly corrosive medium, stainless steel 316, stainless steel 316L, tin bronze 3861.

Shaft: choose the material according to the medium. 45# cold drawn steel with chrome plating shaft used in non corrosive medium, duplex stainless steel applied to strongly corrosive medium.

Bushing: It is our company’s technological confidential formula, so here we don’t give the details.


Technical parameters

The set Max. outer diameter: 143mm. Outlet diameter:65mm,68mm. Outlet connection type: 4 holes, Center distance: 110mm. Aperture: 11mm.




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