FB、AFB Corrosion Resistant Pump

FB、AFB Corrosion Resistant Pump

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FB、AFB Corrosion Resistant Pump


The medium temperature: -20 ~ 130degree

Capacity: 2-400m3/h




1. Summarize

The FB AFB Series are newly designed single-stage, single suction and cantilever centrifugal pumps. We assimilate various kinds of corrupt pump characteristic, adopt advanced water power model. Exterior is tighten and beautiful, with the trait of high efficiency and stable capability


2. Usage

FBAFB series is used in chemical, oil, metallurgy, light industry, printing dyeing, pharmaceutics , environment protect, seawater desalt, oil extraction at sea, paper making, food, electrical and etc .industrial departments to transport corrosive medium without suspended grain or medium. It can also supply for the city water supply and drain.


3. Characteristic

 This product has stable capability, good sealing, beautiful exterior and easy for examine and repair. The main part such as pump body, cover, impeller, axes are all made of stainless steel. FBAFB series adopted mechanism sealing equipment, choose the single face or double face according to the demand. The sealing cavity is cooling by the high pressure water rinse. The medium temperature: -20°C ~ 130°C, flux 2-400m3/h; Outlet pressure H10m-105m




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