Analysis of submersible pump three malfunctions and troubles!

Time: 2016-07-10 11:31:07

Analysis of submersible pump three malfunctions and troubleshooting

Due to the factors of environment and the time when the submersible pump works, will inevitably have some fault, in order to improve the work efficiency, we must promptly to find out the reasons and exclude the submersible pump fault.

A submersible pump operation, abnormal vibration, instability

The main reason for submersible pump operation abnormal vibration, instability and the elimination method:

1, pump base, anchor bolts not tightened or loosened. (tighten evenly all the anchor bolts)

2, a water outlet pipeline without independent support, pipeline vibration will affect the water pump. (water outlet pipe on the pump's independent solid support, not to let the water pump outlet pipe flange bearing)

3, the impeller mass imbalance or even damage or installed loose. (repair or replacement of the impeller)

4, under the water pump bearing damage. (replace the water pump of the upper and lower bearings)

Two, submersible pump without water or lack of flow

Submersible pump is often the main reason of insufficient or no water flow and troubleshooting during the operation:

1, the pump mounting height is too high, which makes the immersion depth of the impeller is not enough, lead to pump out the water drop. (control pump installation elevation allowable deviation, can not be arbitrarily expanded)

2, steering pump on the contrary. (try idling motor pump, check before operation and favorable turn pump. In the process of the use of the above conditions should check whether the power phase change)

3, the effluent can not open the valve. (check valve, and often the maintenance of valve)

4, a water outlet pipeline is not smooth or impeller blocked. (blockage, clean the pipe and impeller often fishing pool sundries)

5, water pump at the bottom wear ring wear or blockage by debris. (replacing the lower wear ring, clean up the mess)

6, liquid density is too large or high viscosity. (re equipped with matching pump)

7, the impeller loss or damage. (re installation or replacement)

8, multiple pumps common pipeline output, do not install the check valve or check valve mifengbuyan. (install one-way valve and the one-way valve replacement seal)

Don't turn three, submersible pump start

The main reasons of submersible pump can not be started and troubleshooting:

1, the power switch and the plug contact is not good. (repair or replacement)

2, control line insurance burned. (change of insurance)

3, the main loop insurance burned. (change of insurance)

4, phase submersible pump capacitor burned out. (replacing capacitor)

5, the three-phase submersible pump phase. (on the broken phase circuit)



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